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Thank you for your interest in WHIN Music Project. 


We are excited about all of the new programming that we are offering this year. In September WHIN started a new class of cellists, guitar classes for adults, and private lessons for all orchestral strings students. In October, we are adding recorder classes for the first time and will also have Youth String Orchestra rehearsals every Thursday. 


As we are fine-tuning the WHIN Theory of Change, we are focusing our energy this year on providing developmentally appropriate educational, social and work opportunities to our students. Our goal is to provide students with the readiness skills necessary in order to end the cycle of poverty. We are structuring our classes to allow for more peer to peer teaching; we are introducing a mentorship program for students age 15 and older; and we are continuing our internship program for older, more experienced students. 


Lastly, we are very fortunate to be in collaboration with so many local organizations as we work to create a coalition of El-Sistema inspired nucléos around NY and NJ. 


We hope that you'll join us in the most exciting year yet!


Musically yours,

WHIN Music Project Team








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